Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Vegas

Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Vegas



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Introducing the UK`s number 1 inflatable hot tub brand. The impressive 2014 Lay-Z-Spa Vegas, offering superior luxury, relaxation, comfort and portability at an outstanding value.Includes insulated cover with easy fastening clips and inflatable inner lid which give an extra superb insulating layer to preserve warmth.The perfect accessory for your garden on a hot summers` evening accompanied by friends and family. This spa is very easy to install, taking just 10 minutes to set up and start to circulating the water. The Lay-Z-Spa is portable and can be used at home, at a friend’s house, or take it camping or on holiday.Digital control panel allows you to set the temperature and monitor the various settings. Functions available on digital control panel are hold button, Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature mode, temperature adjustment, Lay-Z-Spa massage activation, water filter activation, Celsius/Fahrenheit mode toggle and heat activation.Includes the famous Lay-Z-Spa massage system water heats up to 40 degrees which is then forced back through the turbo massage jets. The Lay-Z-Spa provides a wonderful, warm and relaxing experience which helps relaxation and loosen your muscles.Features an easy to use digitally controlled pump, used for controlling the massage system, water filtration and rapid heating system.Comes complete with a free DVD detailing pool setup and maintenance guide.Also includes a Flowclear filter cartridge (twin pack) (we also sell these in packs of 24) and chemical floater are also provided.You may also be interested in Flowclear Lay-Z-Spa Pool Filters which accompanies this product.The Lay Z Spa in Cold Weather: In cold weather, the Lay Z Spa pump must not be left outside for lengthy periods in temperatures under 4°C. Normal operation and short periods of time in low temperatures will not affect the pump. Remember to keep the pump inside overnight during cold weather.Dedicated Bestway Lay-Z-Spa customer help line Support Hotline: 0800 612 0457

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